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-- Matt White

Indoor Plant Growers ...

Stop Throwing Hundreds of dollars away!! ....Discover how to build a LED Grow light  ....!!

Even if you have never built a hydroponic LED grow light before you can now easily use our -do it yourself plans- ... Save Hundreds of $$ this year and spend the time growing your plants better....Guaranteed!!!

From: Rick OBryan
Date: Tuesday 11:15am

Dear Indoor Plant Growers,

Your probably here mostly because ....You love to grow plants indoors

You may have heard of the extreme cost savings that LED lights can offer but you have no idea if you can apply it to your grow light system at a reasonable cost.

Like me you looked around the high priced LED hydroponic grow light manufactures?

I personally refused to pay the BIG BUCKS they demanded for my grow light needs...

You've also searched around for a DIY plan that shows you exactly how to build a LED grow light and have never found anything good to use..... 

Are you tired of looking at your bulging hydro bill each month?
You must realise alot of it is from your old school homegrown hydroponic growlights !

Am I psychic?
Hardly! I know from experience....!

My name is Rick OBryan and for years now I've been an avid plant grower and "do-it-yourselfer". 

If your like me you've always been looking a for cheaper alternative to indoor plant growing lights...

The absolute
"pigish" costs of running high pressure sodium lamps and metal hallide lighting technology made me cringe every time I saw my hydro bill!

Since getting into homegrowing I've always searched for ways to increase plant growth and most importantly, cut some of the cost's involved ..

Yep money!

I decided to start looking at LED grow lights after a problem with the  system I was running last year - I simply could not ignore this:

My system ran a 150 watt hps lamp and it always got way to hot for my growth. 

I had one fan intake and one exhaust but it still got to well over 98 degrees. The space I was using was small but the fans I used could not keep up!

During this time I began reading articles on LED grow lights and the benefits both in hydro and growth involved....

WOW !!....Check out what I found:

**LED grow light technology is so advanced even
 the NASA Space Agency is using it for growing plants in outerspace!!

What else?
  • Powering a 60 Watt Incandescent bulb for 365 days consumes 525,600 Watts !
  • Powering 36 AC LED lights 365 days only consumes 876 Watts...
  • Powering a 60 Watt incandescent bulb per year requires 1,791,300 BTU's
  • Powering the 36 AC LEDs light per year requires 71,652 BTU's
    Saving: 1,719,648 BTU's by using 36 AC LEDs Light instead.
BTU or British Thermal Unit - Measurement of Heat Energy
BTU s are measurements needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree
1 Kilowatt of AC Power = 4,412 BTU's
  • LED grow lights have an estimated life span of over seven years, HID equivalents are lucky if they last a full year!

**Even Al Gore likes what he sees with this new LED technology!!

More and more indoor growing experts are turning to LED grow lights because they offer several advantages that other types of indoor
grow lights do not.
The biggest reasons are they have approximately eight times the luminous output of HPS or MH indoor grow lights !!

I truly believe that Growing Lights with LED technology will revolutionize the way we look and use light. It will enable us to grow our own food organically, anytime, anywhere in the future!!

If they can do it we can too!!

**Opra, Mel Gibson and other celebrities use LED technology daily ..

Are You Ready to get out of this energy trap yet?

Like me ... more questions such as ....

  • How can I take advantage of this growing trend to LED lights?
  • Where Can I learn how to build a led light myself?
  • Can LED Grow Light technology really have the benefits I'm hearing about?
  • Is spending my hard earned time and money on converting to an LED light really going to work for me?
  • How do I know if I can really be successful doing this?

I've heard this said for years by many successful people...."you will either fail to plan or plan to fail" and neither one of those options were acceptable to me.

I've now laid out a simple and easy to understand plan for how to build a led grow light yourself. 

It's not rocket science ... You can now bypass the high priced manufacturers....

Obtain your copy in the next few minutes and get started on building your LED grow lights today!

Now available to you in an illustrated ebook format.

How to Build a LED Grow Light 

If you want to skyrocket your plant growth and obliterate your huge hydro bills .....

You need to know how you can benefit from the techniques you'll learn from this - never before available-Ebook!!

You'll find its formatted with a simple, step by step process with the best techniques on how to build. It cuts right to the heart the problems your experiencing. 

Below is only some of the advanced info you will discover .....!!

**Detailed Step by Step Professional Plans Led Grow Light
  •  "Blueprint like" plans will walk you thru the process of well as rare online sources for advanced data and supply info.
**No "White Light"**Led Grow Light
  • Other "old tech" grow lights are capable of lighting rooms, buildings and stadiums ...obviously extremely bright....! LED Grow lights deliver light that is perfect for your plants, but relatively dim to people. Your plants only get what's needed for them.

**Lamps with Incredibly Long Lasting AbilityLed Grow Light
  • The Set-up included will generally last 7 to 10 years before you need to replace bulbs.
**Produce Minimal Heat Led Grow Light
  •  No need for noisy fans for cooling ...reduce your air conditioning costs and ensure you don’t burn your plants.
**Huge Hydro Savings...Led Grow Light plan
  • Only use about 20 – 30% of the electricity that HID lighting typically uses...LED's can cost an average of $0.03 cents a day in their 7+ year lifespan!
**No annoying noises humming, whirring etc... Led Grow Lights
  • LED grow lights have no need for extra equipment such as cooling fans, ballasts, or reflectors. They simply be plugged into your normal wall plug!!
**Higher Growth Rates .... Led Grow Light
  • Using an array of LED bulbs as your primary indoor grow lights source or supplementary sub-canopy lighting can increase your plants’ growth rates and guarantee healthy-sized fruits and vegetables.
Plus much much more... !!

If you were to attend all the seminars I've attended, read all the books I've read, and studied all the programs I've paid for and studied ... you could easily invest over $10,000 just in costs alone.

Depending on the value you place on your time ... your investment to learn what I've learned could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Thats is why the powerful secrets, tips, and techniques I have carefully laid out in my illustrated e-book " How to Build a LED LIGHT" would be a huge bargain at a price of $297 or even $497 ... just a fraction of the costs I've incurred.

But I'm offering these plans to you at a concrete trial - base -  price for your "fast track" to success at an Unbelievable LOW introductory price of only $12.97!

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Fellow Indoor Plant Enthusiast

P.S. ...
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